Medical Freedom Bills Need Our Support

On the heels of Wednesday’s inspiring act of solidarity on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg where citizens gathered in the sweltering heat to show support for the protection and advancement of freedom for Pennsylvania citizens, we are urging our members and social media followers to take just a few minutes to garner support for some very positive legislation being put forth by Pennsylvania’s champions of freedom!

1. Please contact YOUR PA REPRESENTATIVE (Find them HERE. It will be the first name on the generated list.)

Contact their office by phone or email and ask them to:
Please Co-Sponsor HB2731, the Right To Refuse Act, introduced by Representative Russ Diamond, which will protect the rights of employers and employees to exercise informed consent for invasive tests and vaccinations.  Let them know that you are counting on them to protect our basic human right to bodily autonomy.

2. Also, contact your PA Senator (They will be the second name on the list generated through the above link) and ask them to:
Please co-sponsor Senator Mastriano’s Bill for School Districts Opt-Out Option for Face Masks

Want to do more? 
If you haven’t yet taken these recent actions, please click the links and strengthen the movement!  Every phone call, email, and conversation promoting freedom is worthwhile!
Veto-Proof HB836
Thousand Family Public School Walk-Out
Urge Legislators to Use an Abundance of Caution

With schools starting to post their plans for the fall, you may want to pose some of the critical questions in THIS DOCUMENT to your local school board.

If you are seeing this message on social media or got it from a friend and are NOT YET on our email list, PLEASE SIGN UP TODAY!  We cannot count on social media alone to keep us connected!  They may pull the plug on us at any time – so please sign up today!