Bold Action Needed to Oppose Risky School Measures in PA

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Government agents have reached a new high in their disregard for the wellbeing of American children, and Pennsylvania students are currently positioned to function as the test subjects for a government mandated medical and psychological experiment under the PA Department of Health's July 1 "Universal Face Covering Order".  Students and staff at all PA public schools are now required to wear masks and/or keep 6 feet apart at all times.  This type of physical and psychological affront on our children has never before been attempted, and the detrimental side effects on this mass scale are certain to harm not only the students, but our society as a whole, potentially reaching beyond the immediately affected generation.
PA PARENTS MUST remind these authorities that, while we may choose to delegate some of our childrens' education to their public institutions, we, THE PARENTS, will make whatever decision is necessary to exercise our freedom to choose healthier options for our children. We will NOT COMPLY, nor will we willingly allow our tax dollars to fund a public education system that enforces interventions which completely lack both short and long term studies of all health outcomes for children, while simultaneously lacking in evidence of either necessity or benefit.

Parents across Pennsylvania MUST take BOLD ACTION at this CRITICAL TIME to oppose the Secretary of Health's reprehensible orders for school students and staff!  We CANNOT expect this to go away without massive grassroots pressure!  Our children - all the children of PA - need us to take a stand for them TODAY. 

We need THOUSANDS of families to join this historic effort!

1. Call your school district's registration office and tell them that you want to un-enroll your children from the school and tell them these important points:

  • Your name and child/children’s names.
  • I am doing this because I oppose the mask mandate in PA schools and I disagree with any policy requiring masks for students.
  • If the mandate is not lifted by August 1, I will enroll my child/children in PA state cyber charter school.
  • I will NOT utilize any cyber school option from the district.
  • I will also be sending a letter in confirmation to the superintendent, principal, and school board.
  • Ask - Is there anyone else I need to notify?
  • (FYI: Some districts may have a withdrawal form they want filled out.)

2. Email this message,or your own version, to Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera at

Dear Secretary Rivera,
As of today, I have unenrolled my child/children from school in the ___ School District because of the harmful mask and social distancing orders being enforced upon students and staff in the school.  I am keenly aware that the harm caused by these measures will not only affect enrolled students, but our society as a whole.  I do not wish to enable the public school system to financially benefit from the enrollment of my children while inflicting harm upon others, and so, if these orders remain in place as of August 1, I will be enrolling my children in a PA Cyber school separate from any option offered by the district itself.

Your name and city

3. Send the same message to the district superintendent, principal, and school board members.

1. Email this message to PA Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera at

Dear Secretary Rivera,
I am writing to let you know that, after years of homeschooling, my family has decided this year to enroll our child(ren) in a Cyber school option separate from the local school district.  We are outraged by the arbitrary and harmful mask and social distancing orders being forced on the  students and staff in the PA public school system, and we are keenly aware that the harm caused by these measures will not only affect enrolled students, but our society as a whole.  Because of this, we do not wish to enable the public school system to financially benefit from the enrollment of our homescholed children.  Instead, we will partake in the financial respite provided by the free resources that Cyber schools offer to homeschooling families.
Should the universal face covering orders and social distancing measures be lifted before August 1, we will strongly consider returning to traditional homeschooling under the purview of our local school district.

Your Name and City

2. Send the above message to the district superintendent and school board.

Please take action and do not be afraid. By threatening to enroll our kids in CYBER CHARTER SCHOOL (outside the district), school officials will realize that they will be losing between $7,300 and $22,300 for each typical student and between 19,000 and $40,000 for each special needs child. The school district must pay the cyber charter school about 72% of the district’s determined cost to educate a child in that district (tax and state money) for each student.  Remember that it is very easy to re-enroll your child back in public school at any time in the summer or during the school year. (Be aware that high schoolers may be faced with certain classes filling up.)
Traditional homeschooling will not accomplish our goal because it actually benefits schools, as they get to keep the tax money for each homeschooled child, and  utilizing the district’s cyber program would actually save them some money.


If you would like to provide your school administrators with questions and research to back up this action, you may want to download and share this document.

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