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All around the Commonwealth, advocates are starting local chapter groups.  Getting connected with other like-minded advocates offline is more important than ever as censorship has become an unfortunate reality.  If you haven’t done so already, connect with a local chapter group and begin reaping the immeasurable benefits! 

Find your local area and reach out using the contact form below (or get the email address directly by right-clicking the chapter name and select “copy email address”) to learn when and where they meet. Don’t see your local area listed and would like to help organize a chapter? Send a message to the state leaders and let us know!

Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

In the subject field, indicate the chapter/local area you want to contact or type "State Leaders" for the steering team. 


As a grassroots organization, we depend completely on our activists to drive the movement! We are constantly awed by the passion, energy, and skill that our community contributes to the important mission of preserving medical freedom and informed consent in Pennsylvania.  We know that every hour spent working for this cause is an hour that you are away from your other life priorities, so we promise to do our best to be as efficient as possible in our work together.

When you  join the PCIC team, you are not just a volunteer;  you are a partner in the mission.  We try to plug volunteers into areas where they are naturally drawn and likely to thrive.

To volunteer for one or more of the teams below, please use our contact form above to tell us your interests, and we’ll find a place for you. We look forward to having you on the team!

Current volunteer positions are:

Local Group Leaders

Local area groups are the future and life-blood of this movement.  When we strengthen our community through personal connections, we will create a wave of truth and influence that we cannot achieve online or on our own.  It’s not hard to start a group, and it is incredibly rewarding!

Legislation Monitoring

We need people who can follow the movement of relevant legislation by staying abreast of committee meetings, co-sponsors, etc.


We need creative and fiscally-minded team members  to utilize real world and online resources to raise funds for special and/or ongoing organizational campaigns.

File Managers

Are you excellent at organizing digital documents, editing spreadsheets, entering data, etc.?  We need some help keeping our digital file cabinets organized and accessible in order to streamline our workflow.

Press/Media Response

We need individuals with expertise in collecting and utilizing press contacts, furthering the message of vaccine choice through article comments, submissions, and letters to editors.

Business Partner Liaison

We need someone  who is able to foster and nurture connections with PA businesses who share our goals.

Events Planning

This is broad and will draw from other teams as well, but these volunteers  will post events on Facebook, make calls and contact venues regarding event needs, promote events via social media, ensure that we have members attending important events, and disperse our printed materials as needed.


If you are a lawyer or work in the field of law, we need help to  stay abreast of lawsuits relevant to our mission, including the whistleblower cases and legal actions taken in other states who have passed or are attempting to pass similar laws.

Take Part in Legislative Advocacy

Advocacy on the state level is vital to the medical freedom movement. Whether it is learning about bills or discussing problems with legislators, advocates play the role of liaison between the people and elected legislators. 

If not us, then who?

If not now, then when?



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