Encouraging Legislators to use An Abundance of Caution.

Please continue taking necessary actions to secure vaccine choice in PA!


1. Contact YOUR state legislators.  Ask them to please keep in mind the need to use an "abundance of caution" to support personal liberty and medical freedom when considering any legislation. We DO NOT want to see any medical hurdles put in place as bills to re-open the state start moving.

  • Get their email address so that you can download and send them the PCIC "Abundance of Caution" info sheet.  You may need to call to get the email.
  • If you are comfortable, ask your legislators to support any legislation that will get Pennsylvanians back to work. (You can use the sample language included below). The sooner we get back to work, the less opportunity the government will have to implement mandatory medical procedures for workers.
  • If you don't get a reply, follow up with a phone call to make sure that your message was received.
  • If you can't get their direct email, please PRINT and MAIL a copy to the district office. (Sending the digital version enables them to click the reference links, but the printed version works well too!)

2. Keep contacting Governor Wolf asking him to get Pennsylvanians back to work without any medical mandates.  Use the online contact form link and/or send a fax. Helpful fax info can be found in this past action alert.)

Dear                          ,
Please work to expedite the reopening of PA. My family is suffering [emotionally, financially] from this shutdown [because...]. We agreed to the shutdown in order to “flatten the curve” to not overwhelm the hospitals. The projections used to justify the shutdown were completely wrong – even the ones that factored in social distancing. For the most part, hospitals are not overwhelmed; in fact, nurses are being furloughed and many hospitals are losing money. A recent study in CA showed that coronavirus infection is much more widespread than previously thought. This means that the mortality rate is much lower than was projected, more comparable to the flu. We must not be subject to waiting for a pharmaceutical solution. We need to get PA back to work and allow Pennsylvanians normal activities which promote physical, social, and emotional well-being.
Thank you,
[Name – county or city]