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Exemptions & Medical Freedom in PA

What exemptions are available for students in PA?

Students in K-12 can exercise their right to vaccine exemptions based on medical, religious, or strong moral/ethical beliefs.  A small handful of private schools that receive no state funding do not accept non-medical exemptions, but most schools accept exemptions with no problem. See sample letters here.

What exemptions are available for college students in PA?

The PA School Code only applies to students in grades K-12. College students are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and may express a religious objection to a school’s vaccination policy. Typically, a well-written letter from the student or an attorney, outlining the student’s religious objection, submitted to the school administration is sufficient to enable the student to attend any PA college without having to be vaccinated. The letter should be brief: extraneous information about vaccine risk is not appropriate. We have never heard of a PA school that will not accept medical exemptions. These must be signed by an MD or DO.

Do you think PA is in danger of losing vaccine exemption rights for students?

With a strong foundation of religious freedom and personal liberty written into our Constitution and a significant population of conservative religious communities, PA legislators understand the necessity to respect the beliefs and choices that reflect our heritage. The way that the school code is written, requirements for homeschoolers and public schoolers are the same, which does create a situation that would make the removal of exemptions very challenging for lawmakers.  

How can I find a pediatrician who gives informed consent and supports all choices?

It is certainly troubling that most, if not all, pediatricians in PA are engaged in medical discrimination against families who delay or decline even one vaccine.  Family practices may be less strict with these requirements.  The best way to find a provider near you who respects parental rights to informed consent is through connecting with a local PCIC chapter group.

My employer says that I will get fired if I don’t take a vaccine. What can I do?

Please visit our Resources page for details on this topic.

Our Organization

Is PCIC a partisan group?

PCIC is not affiliated with a political party.  We desire our members and leaders to foster positive relationships with all legislators in the Commonwealth, regardless of party.

Is this an anti-vaxxer group?

PCIC is neither for nor against vaccination.  Some of the resources we provide focus on vaccine risks and safety concerns because there is a lack of this information in the public sphere. 

How can I help?

We’d love to have you join us! After all, this work is only possible because of the passionate members, skilled volunteers, and generous donors. Consider joining a local chapter, volunteering on a team, or making a donation

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We are families, employees, health care practitioners, and students all across the state who share in the grassroots work of building an informed community, educating leaders and legislators, and taking consistent, necessary action to shine a light on the critical need to protect bodily autonomy, informed consent, and medical freedom.


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