The mission of Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent

is to preserve the vital personal freedom and human right to informed consent, privacy, and choice for medical procedures in Pennsylvania and to hold our legislators accountable to their sworn duty to uphold the freedoms declared in Pennsylvania’s Constitution.

Who We Are

We are families, employees, health care practitioners, and students all across the state who share in the grassroots work of building an informed community, educating leaders and legislators, and taking consistent, necessary action to shine a light on the critical need to protect bodily autonomy, informed consent, and medical freedom.

What We Do

Many hands make light work.  We are all volunteers and each participant contributes unique and valuable gifts for the benefit of the whole.  Our chapter leaders are the boots-on-the-ground generals, our writing and social media teams provide resources and information that you can depend on, our legislation committee leads advocacy initiatives and our administrative team keeps things up and running.  Our dedicated steering team provides support and direction for the teams and chapter groups, while continuously networking, learning, planning, writing and honing legislation, and coordinating campaigns that will make the greatest impact for our cause with the resources available to us.  

Why We Exist

We came together in 2015, when a nationwide push to remove exemptions and expand mandates swept the country as a coordinated response to the Disney measles “outbreak”. We can plainly see that the parties who are lobbying for medical mandates are well funded, and even their “grassroots” groups are hired hands. But we are not balking. No amount of money can buy the passion of parents who have seen their child suffer injury from a vaccine, nor the fervor of health care workers who are forced to receive injections to keep their jobs, nor the conviction of the true health community who has done the research and knows the risks, nor the spirit of freedom-loving Pennsylvanians!

We are the concerned people of the here and now, fighting to preserve the freedoms we have.  A freedom lost is not easily regained, so we cannot capitulate.  The time to act is now, the place is wherever you are, and the person responsible for protecting your rights is you. 

Our Values


It’s not about us. We personally humble ourselves to the collective mission, placing the service to our community above any personal goals or pursuits.


We have a legacy mindset, expecting this critical work to continue beyond the season of our individual commitment.


Integrity and professionalism are intrinsic to all aspects of our work, from our personal interactions to our well-referenced educational materials.


We extend grace and compassion to all people, including those in opposition to our cause, seeking to serve the under-informed in our communities and desiring every person to have the resources and freedom to make well-informed decisions about vaccines.


PCIC is people-powered. The success of our mission is a reflection of the collective talents, passions, and skills of our dedicated volunteer teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PCIC a partisan group?

PCIC is not affiliated with a political party.  We desire our members and leaders to foster positive relationships with all legislators in the Commonwealth, regardless of party.

Is this an anti-vaxxer group?

PCIC is neither for nor against vaccination.  Some of the resources that we provide focus on vaccine risks and safety concerns because there is a lack of this information in the public sphere and provides the rationale for why we fight so diligently for informed consent.

Join a local chapter or become a volunteer!

Help us fight this good and noble fight in supporting informed consent and medical freedom for all.

Take Part in Legislative Advocacy

Advocacy on the state level is vital to the medical freedom movement. Whether it is learning about bills or discussing problems with legislators, advocates play the role of liaison between the people and elected legislators. 



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