Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent

You may already be aware of the national sweep to eradicate Americans’ right to informed consent for vaccinations. Bills are on the table in more than 15 states now that will reduce citizens rights to refuse or delay vaccinations. There are bills to force adult immunizations in many occupations as well as laws for procedure to track the vaccine status of all citizens. Concerned citizens need to act in order to preserve the right to govern our own bodies, make medical choices for our own children, and maintain privacy in our medical choices.

In March of 2015, leaders from several different groups advocating for medical freedom in PA came together along with representatives from the National Vaccination Information Center ( for strategic planning and unification. We know that we have some power as small groups, but we magnify our impact by working together in creating a public presence and maintaining pressure on legislators state-wide. The parties who are lobbying for these laws are well funded, and even their “grassroots” groups are hired hands. But we are not balking. No amount of money can buy the passion of mothers who have seen their child suffer injury from a vaccine, nor the fervor of health care workers who are forced to endure injections to keep their jobs, nor the conviction of the true health community who has done the research and knows the risks, nor the spirit of freedom-loving Pennsylvanians!

We at PCIC are neither for nor opposed to vaccinations, but simply want to keep health care choices in PA where they belong - in the hands of the patients and parents - and out of the hands of government.

We ask you to join us, arm in arm, to fight this good and noble fight. We ask you to join us in supporting medical freedom for ALL, including our home state. We ask you to publicly declare that you value the human right of informed consent.  As we grow, our group resources will prove invaluable as members contribute knowledge and experience from many areas of expertise.

The mission of the Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent is to preserve the vital personal freedom and human right to informed consent, privacy, and choice for medical procedures in Pennsylvania and to hold our legislators accountable to their sworn duty to uphold the freedoms declared in Pennsylvania’s Constitution.