Legislative Concerns – October 2019

Legislative Concerns  - October 2019

OPPOSE these bills that infringe upon Pennsylvanians fundamental rights!

The long term plan to completely remove vaccine exemptions starts with bills such as these. 


Bills to SUPPORT -  These support true informed consent and protect citizens’ rights to make medical choices without coercion.

  • SUPPORT HB286 Metcalfe Prevents doctors from refusing care to patients based on their vaccine choices. It also relieves parents from being forced to sign a biased, self-incriminating and misleading document in order to receive care. Referred to  House Health Committee**HB286 Resource Page
  • SUPPORT HB 508 Cox– Affirms and protects the intrinsic right of PA parents to determine the upbringing, education and care of their children. House Children & Youth Committee.
  • SUPPORT HB48 Diamond – Requires schools to include exemption information in any correspondence that lists vaccine requirements for school attendance. House Education.

Pennsylvanians deserve true informed consent for medical procedures including vaccines.