Dear Advocates,
Did you know that summer is a great time to get to know your legislators?  And with so many legislative items of concern in the Senate right now, we want to make this a

When legislators are not in session, they have more time in their home offices to meet with constituents - that means YOU!  If you have already connected with your PA Representative asking for support of HB286, then this is a great time to call your PA Senator's office and schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns!  If your Senator still is not available, meet with another staff member!  ALSO, FOLLOW YOUR LEGISLATOR ON SOCIAL MEDIA and/or be sure that you have signed up for their mailing list and are reading their emails.  Legislators often host events or participate in community activities in the summer.  These provide great opportunities to introduce yourself and make a connection!
Below is a sample letter that you can edit and send to your Senator.  This letter lists the 4 pieces of legislation currently in the PA Senate that we OPPOSE. None are getting positive attention in the Senate at this time, but we want to stay ahead of bad legislation and build relationships now so that we won't have to put out a fire later!

June  9, 2019

Dear Senator _________,
My name is ________________ and I am a resident in your district.  As a (insert some personal piece of info – ex: “mom of 3”, “retired nurse”, “veteran”, “parent of a vaccine injured child”), I am passionate about maintaining the freedoms on which our country was founded.  There are currently four active bills in the Pennsylvania Senate that would curtail personal freedom and enable government overreach.  The bill numbers and their sponsors are:

  • SB 653, Leach – This bill seeks to remove ALL non-medical exemptions to the required school vaccinations in Pennsylvania.
  • SB 626, Schwank – This bill forces parents to undergo state-mandated, state-provided vaccine education when choosing to exercise their right to either a religious or philosophical vaccine exemption for their child.  This infringes upon free exercise of religion and also creates an unnecessary financial and administrative burden for the state.
  • SB 633, Costa – This bill would allow for the removal of ALL consumer protections and additional rights afforded to citizens during a declared public health emergency.  The conditions required to declare such an emergency, as defined in this bill, are alarmingly vague.
  • SB274, Ward – This bill extends to pharmacists the authority to administer potentially life-threatening immunizations to children as young as 9 years of age.  These personnel are not trained to screen for vaccine contraindications or recognize or manage severe vaccine reactions; nor are they equipped with proper life-saving equipment for use in such an emergency. This endangers the lives of children.

Every one of these bills has been lobbied for by the Pharmaceutical industry.  Please DO NOT co-sponsor these bills and, should any of them come before you for a vote, I urge you to oppose them in favor of preserving the freedom and safety of citizens.
Thank you for your consideration.

Your Name
Phone #

NOT SURE WHO YOUR LEGISLATORS ARE?  Look it up HERE.  This letter is intended for the second name on the list. labeled "PA Senate".