ACTION ALERT: School District Lies Need to STOP

Over the past few weeks, school districts across the state have been sending misleading information to parents regarding the changes in the PA immunization requirements for student attendance. While parents do need notification about these changes, many schools’ notices state that a child cannot attend school in the fall UNLESS HE/SHE HAS RECEIVED ALL REQUIRED VACCINATIONS. THIS IS, SIMPLY PUT, A LIE.

(You can read updates about the regulation changes HERE.)

PCIC has taken action by sending THIS NOTICE to over 2600 school principals in Pennsylvania, but we need you to keep the pressure on!
PLEASE PRINT AND MAIL a copy of the letter to your area school districts’ SUPERINTENDENTS. If you are really motivated, send one on to the school nurses as well. It is time for massive public outcry against PA schools’ unchecked coercion and lying about vaccination requirements. Omission of information prevents informed consent!
We also sent a letter to all of the PA Legislators, but we know that they NEED to hear from YOU more than from us, so we are also asking that you PLEASE send a letter to your local legislators asking for legislation that will hold schools accountable for lying to parents about immunization requirements. Click here for a sample letter that you can edit and send.

As always, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to schedule a meeting with your local legislators or their aides to share your concerns and information. We can only make a difference if we all work together on this! Pharma lobbyists are always at work, and so we need to be also!  Find your PA legislators HERE.

Thank you for your sharing the passion and the workload to promote informed consent in PA!