It’s go time!

Dear Medical Freedom Advocates,

January 2019 marked the beginning of a new two-year legislative session for lawmakers in Pennsylvania. Many of the bills that did not pass last session have been reintroduced, including the Informed Consent Protection Act! This bill will prevent pediatricians from refusing care to patients based on their vaccine choices. It would also prevent pediatricians from forcing parents to sign the misleading and shaming vaccine refusal form as recommended by the AAP.

The new number for this bill is HB286.

This legislation is of paramount importance to all Pennsylvanians who value their right to make medical decisions for their own body and family without coercion or discrimination. Refusing healthcare to babies and children who choose to defer even one vaccine is unethical and it must be brought to the attention of every legislator here in PA. The sad truth is, the medical establishment will get away with this unless WE bring it into the light. The majority of legislators and even the general population has NO IDEA that this discrimination is occurring in pediatric offices. We must educate!

This is why we are introducing our “once-a-month” education campaign, urging all Vaccine Choice Advocates to provide educational material to at least one PA legislative office per month. We currently have several excellent fact sheets available for download on our website that serve as effective educational tools and have recently created this fact sheet, outlining the blatant misleading of the AAP Vaccine Refusal form. We also always encourage you to share your personal stories with the legislative staff and, when you are comfortable, pursue scheduling a one-on-one meeting with your Pennsylvania representative.

In order to best equip you for activism, PCIC will be hosting our first in a series of advocacy information and empowerment calls that can be accessed live via telephone. This call will explain the legislative process and effective ways to educate legislators and staff about HB286.

Vaccine Choice Advocates can listen in THIS THURSDAY, FEB. 7 at 7:00pm.
Simply call 605-313-4165
Enter pin 545687

If you have a question that you would like the PCIC leadership team to address during the call, please email it to us at

This work is too urgent to put off another day. So many legislators still have not even heard about the realities of vaccine risks and the discrimination against families who choose not to follow the CDC’s recommended schedule. If you don’t educate your legislator about this, there’s a chance that no one ever will.
Please join us on this important call! Together, we can effect change in Pennsylvania!