June Action Items

June Action Items

1. This month we’re asking you to contact your Representative to VOTE YES when House Bill (HB) 2013 is brought to a vote. Your message can be as simple as:

“Hello, my name is [_______]. I live in [_______]. I am calling to ask Representative [_______] to vote yes when HB2013is brought to the House for a vote.”

Do you know how your PA Representative will vote when the time comes? Please let the Legislative Committee know via email pciccapitalarea@gmail.com. Note: even if your Representative is listed as a co-sponsor we can’t assume they’ll vote yes. If you need a bit of inspiration or refresher on HB2013 and it’s constitutional right to medical freedom please see our blog post HERE.

2. Continue to ask Majority Leader Benninghoff to bring HB2013 up for a vote. The message can be as simple as:

“Hello, my name is [_______]. I live in [_______]. I am calling to ask Representative Benninghoff, as Majority Leader, to add HB2013 to the House calendar so it can be brought up for a vote.”

Phone: 717-783-1918 You can also send fax or emails requesting the same! By email: kbenning@pahousegop.com or fax: 717-260-6528

We need your help! It is imperative that HB2013 is brought for a floor vote before the House of Representatives break for summer. Their last day is June 30. As of today, the Senate calendar states they’re only meeting eight times in their remaining three months of the session. This means we have very limited time to pass HB2013 out of Health & Human Services Committee and on to the Senate floor for a vote.

3. We’re pleased to learn that Senate Bill (SB) 996, the Parental Rights Protection Act, will receive a vote in the Senate State Government Committee on Tuesday, June 14, at 12:30 PM! Please call each member TODAY (before 12:30pm on June 13) asking them to vote for SB996. [See Committee Members List Below].

Your message can be as simple as the following:

“Hello, my name is [_______]. I live in [_______]. I am calling to ask Senator [_______] to please vote in favor of SB996 to enshrine into Pennsylvania law that parental rights are a fundamental right. This common-sense bill will take the U.S. Supreme Court’s precedent from the last 100 years and put it into the text of Pennsylvania law, thereby protecting the constitutional rights of all Pennsylvania families.”

We believe that parents are the best decision makers when it comes to medical intervention and support SB966, the Parental Rights Act sponsored by Senator Mastriano as it will strengthen Pennsylvania’s historic and consistent affirmation of the high value of parental influence and the societal benefit of strong family units.


  1. Senator David Argall  (Majority Chair) (717) 787-2637
  2. Senator Cris Dush  (Vice Chair) (717) 787-7084
  3. Senator Jake Corman  (Ex‑Officio) (717) 787-1377
  4. Senator Daniel Laughlin (717) 787-8927
  5. Senator Patrick Stefano (717) 787-7175
  6.  Senator Sharif Street  (Minority Chair) (717) 787-6735
  7.  Senator Maria Collett (717) 787-6599
  8. Senator Katie Muth (717) 787-1398
  9. Senator Anthony Williams (717) 787-5970
  10. Senator Doug Mastriano (Prime Sponsor, SB996) (717) 787-4651 – to express thanks
  11. Senator Kristin Phillips-Hill  (Co-Sponsor, SB996) (717) 787-7085 – to express thanks