Two Conversations to Make a BIG Impact in PA

Two Conversations to Make a BIG Impact in PA

PCIC’s focus for 2022 is HB2013, Representative Diamond’s constitutional amendment beginning with this month’s ACTION ALERT. This bill would add medical freedom to the PA constitution and would be a dream come true for our commonwealth (and the envy of other states’ freedom groups). The governor cannot veto a constitutional amendment. It seems that chamber leadership may not run this bill unless there is enough interest from legislators, so we NEED to show them why this is important.



CALL YOUR PA REPRESENTATIVE. If you aren’t sure who your PA Representative is, go here to find your representative. Use the following talking points during your conversation with your PA Representative:

  • If they aren’t in the “Current Cosponsors of HB2013” list shown here then ask your Representative to support HB2013 by cosponsoring and voting yes when given the opportunity. Current Cosponsors of HB2013 are: Diamond (main sponsor), Bernstine, Borowicz, Cook, Cox, Gillen, Gleim, Greiner, Hamm, Irvin, Kail, Kauffman, Keefer, Knowles, M. Mackenzie, Maloney, Metcalfe, Pennycuick, Roae, Rowe, Ryan, Sankey, Smith, Zimmerman
  • Ask your Representative (regardless of cosponsor status) to express their support of HB2013 to their chamber leadership and ask leadership to run this bill.


SET UP A MEETING WITH YOUR PA REPRESENTATIVE. Meeting options may include in-person, by phone, or via teleconference (zoom). For those who don’t feel comfortable doing this alone, PCIC may be able to connect you with an advocate in your area to join your in-person meeting. Visit our Local Chapters page to find advocates near you. If your meeting is via zoom and you’d like an advocate to join we can extend the invite to our legislative team members. Use the following talking points during your meeting with your PA Representative:

Since March 2020, the government’s response to COVID-19 has demonstrated how quickly our medical freedom rights can be trampled. It is clear that we need additional protections for Pennsylvanians. If passed, Representative Russ Diamond’s House Bill (HB) 2013 would secure the right to medical freedom in Pennsylvania and we need all boots on the ground for this effort. This is the year that we can hold our PA House of Representatives accountable to medical freedom efforts as they are up for reelection in November. Please share this ACTION ALERT with anyone who is ready to take action towards medical freedom here in the commonwealth.

Let us know your outcome stories via your preferred social media outlet which will encourage others to take these simple steps towards making history with this constitutional amendment. Visit our Legislative Advocacy page for tips on meeting with your legislator and thank you for advocating for medical freedom here in PA!