No jab, no job? NO WAY!  Take action to protect employees in PA!

No jab, no job? NO WAY! Take action to protect employees in PA!

Suffering professional or financial consequences as a result of refusing an invasive pharmaceutical treatment or test is a clear violation of the human right to informed consent. Join us in urging our legislators to PASS HB262, the Right to Refuse Act, which will legally safeguard this basic right for Pennsylvanians.


HB262 is scheduled for a vote in the House Labor & Industry Committee meeting on Tuesday, June 15.

If you have not yet voiced your support to the committee members, please do so today!
Take a few minutes today or tomorrow (ASAP) to call every member of the L&I committee and tell them to PLEASE PASS HB262, the Right to Refuse Act, because NO ONE should be forced to use a pharmaceutical product in order to be employed.

After calling the committee members CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and tell them to VOTE YES on HB262!
Leaving a message is fine. Be sure to include this information:

Your Name
Your city or county of residence
You want them to SUPPORT HB262, the Right to Refuse Act.

PA 2021 House Labor & Industry Committee Contact Info
Chair Jim Cox, (717) 772-2435,
Minority Chair, Gerald J. Mullery, (717) 783-4893,
Eric Davanzo, (717) 783-3825,
Kate A, Klunk, (717) 787-4790,
Eric R. Nelson, (717) 260-6146,
Torren Ecker, (717) 783-8875,
Barbara Gleim, (717) 772-2280,
Jim Gregory, (717) 787-9020,
Rich Irvin, (717) 787-3335,
Mike Jones, (717) 783-8389,
Dawn Keefer, (717) 783-8783,
Ryan Mackenzie, (717) 787-1000,
David M Maloney Sr, (717) 260-6161,
Lori Mizgorski, (717) 260-6407,
Michael Puskaric, (717) 260-6122,
David Rowe, (717) 787-3443,
Morgan Cephas, (717) 783-2192,
David Delloso, (717) 783-6437,
Ed Gainey, (717) 783-1017,
Sara Innamorato, (717) 783-9114,
Leanne Krueger, (717) 705-2567,
Jeanne McNeill, (717) 772-9902,
Jennifer O’Mara, (717) 783-4090,
Nick Pisciottano, (717) 787-8175,
Pam Snyder, (717) 783-3797,