Tell Penn State: Do Not Mandate Covid-19 Shots

Tell Penn State: Do Not Mandate Covid-19 Shots

Last week the Penn State Faculty Senate passed a resolution to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for all faculty, staff, and students before the start of the fall 2021 semester. Penn State Policies, including such mandates, come from the office of PSU President and Vice President/Provost, who are currently considering this resolution.
Help us keep this resolution from becoming school policy!
PCIC chapter groups have initiated a week-long phone blitz lasting through Friday, May 22, to oppose mandating the experimental Covid-19 vaccine for any faculty, staff, or students.  A simple phone message insisting that they do not mandate any experimental Covid-19 shot can affect this critical policy decision, and will only take a minute of your time! You need not be involved with the university in order to call – but if you are (alumni, parent of alumni or current student, considering PSU for your children’s education), please do let them know!

Eric J. Barron

Executive Vice President and Provost
Dr. Nicholas P. Jones
(814) 865-2505 or

Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Kathleen J. Bieschke
(814) 863-7494

Vice Provost for Educational Equity
Dr. Marcus A. Whitehurst

Vice Provost for Planning, Assessment, and Institutional Research
Lance Kennedy-Phillips
(814) 863-8721

After calling, you can take one more step and send an email stating your opposition to mandatory Covid-19 vaccination policies.