What Everyone Needs To Know about the COVID-19 Vaccines

Is your head spinning? There sure has been a lot to follow regarding the rights of Pennsylvanians since we last reached out to you! Pennsylvania's 2-year legislative session has come to a close and our team is gearing up for a strong start in 2021! It is certain to be an "all-hands-on-deck" year for sure, so please be sure that you and all of your friends and family who care about medical freedom are staying connected to PCIC! The public is questioning vaccines more than ever, and together we can all help point to the resources necessary for every individual and family to make an informed decision.

You have probably heard that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is now ready for use in the US. This vaccine is NOT FDA-approved, but instead was awarded Emergency Use Authorization, which does not entail the same level of testing required for actual product approval. There are still MANY significant unknowns about this product, but there are some things that we definitely do know, and need to share. Please download, print, and share this information sheet with your loved ones and the people of influence in your area - employers, legislators on every level, health care workers and providers, school administrators, and faith leaders.

Find a downloadable PDF of this document HERE.

Nurse holding hand of senior woman in pension home

PCIC supports the front line workers who are being targeted for first rounds of the COVID-19 vaccine. We recognize your human right to informed consent, and we know that true informed consent is just not possible with a product that even the FDA recognizes as investigational.

If you are a health care worker in Pennsylvania and want to learn how to exercise your rights, visit our employee-employer resource page. This page will be regularly updated as new information surfaces. At the current time, it seems that unless PA legislators act on behalf of the human rights of employees, many employees with religious or other strongly held beliefs against vaccination may end up having to fight for their rights in court. You need not be alone in this fight! Connect with others in your field who share your concerns by dropping us a line at InformedConsent2015@gmail.com.