The Information We Share

We work very hard to vet and confirm that whatever information we bring to you IS factual.

When people point out that we've missed something, we immediately fix it.

When we can't confirm it, we don't post it. It trashes the credibility of the entire informed consent movement to post something that might sound about right from our perspective -- but then turns out to be absolutely false.

There are some beautifully-set traps out there that would be all too easy for any of us to fall into.

Industries who want to make their critics look bad could be posting fake information all over the place, hoping that we will all share it without checking to verify it as fact. Those who share it could then be accused of deliberately using misinformation to harm the industry, or even the people the industry claims to protect.

We are not good at playing dishonest games.

They are.

We're not taking the bait, and neither should you.