AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Trials on Hold…Again.

The short version: a trial participant who received the actual Covid-19 vaccine, not a placebo, experienced serious neurological symptoms, diagnosed as transverse myelitis, whose symptoms are identical to those of paralytic polio.
REMINDER #1: trial participants are ALWAYS carefully screened and chosen for their robust health.
REMINDER #2: a previous trial participant also experienced serious neurological symptoms in July, and was diagnosed with MS.
QUESTION: if a vaccine can trigger onset of serious symptoms in a person who may --- or may not -- have a pre-existing susceptibility that even careful screening did not reveal earlier, IS IT SAFE?
You tell us what you think.
Oh, and could someone explain why a conference call discussing a serious adverse reaction to a vaccine was set up by investment bank JP Morgan, rather than, say, the European Medicines Agency or the CDC? OR BY THE MANUFACTURER?
Quotes from the article:
"The participant who triggered a global shutdown of AstraZeneca’s Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials was a woman in the United Kingdom who experienced neurological symptoms consistent with a rare but serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis, the drug maker’s chief executive, Pascal Soriot, said during a private conference call with investors on Wednesday morning.
The woman’s diagnosis has not been confirmed yet, but she is improving and will likely be discharged from the hospital as early as Wednesday, Soriot said.
The board tasked with overseeing the data and safety components of the AstraZeneca clinical trials confirmed that the participant was injected with the company’s Covid-19 vaccine and not a placebo, Soriot said on the conference call, which was set up by the investment bank J.P. Morgan.
Soriot also confirmed that the clinical trial was halted once previously in July after a participant experienced neurological symptoms. Upon further examination, that participant was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, deemed to be unrelated to the Covid-19 vaccine treatment, he said."

Covid-19 vaccine trial participant had serious neurological symptoms, but could be discharged today, AstraZeneca CEO says

Yesterday's STAT News report: