HR836 Did not pass…yet.

HR836 did not pass...yet.
Yesterday was a solemn day in PA - the "Birthplace of Liberty", whose motto, "Virtue, Liberty, Independence" seems very ironic right now - and not in a funny stand-up comedy way - more in a nauseating ate-too-much-fondue kind of way.

Freedom-loving citizens and legislators have been fighting SO HARD to bring an end to the Disaster Declaration so that our bodies, businesses, and children will again be free from the tyranny of one-man government. Sadly, despite the efforts of citizens and evidence of case and death counts, the legislature did not get the 2/3 majority support needed to pass HR836 (the resolution to end the emergency) when it was brought to the floor for reconsideration.
See how your legislator voted here.
Chances are, if he or she is a Democrat, they voted NO. Only 9 Democratic legislators were willing to cross the party line and vote in favor of the people.
It is a sad moment in time, but this battle is far from over. We will never stop fighting for the dignity to live as free people. This resolution can be run again, and impeachment efforts and the declaration of suspension mentioned in our last email are still active!
We are also watching the interesting actions underway in Ohio, where the grassroots group Ohio Stands Up! has filed a law suit against the state, the governor, and the health director to have the state of emergency ended in Ohio. The representing attorney, Thomas Renz, confidently states,“We believe that the response to COVID-19 has been the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public.” Perhaps a win in Ohio will set precedent for the rest of us to return to constitutional freedom.
With PA and its neighbors facing a possible Federal investigation into the mishandling of Covid-19 with regard to nursing home residents, and the July passage of HB2463, forcing the re-opening of PA's Office of Open Records, we can expect more and more relevant truths to come to light.

What's our next move here in PA? LOCAL ACTION! Get involved with a local PCIC chapter group - where the rubber really hits the road! With all of this legal and legislative activity, as well as state elections only weeks away, there is much work to do my friends!

We also now have a text alert service that we will use only in the case of urgent calls to action. Text "Add me" (without quotes) to (610) 477-2421 to opt into our text system. You'll receive a text with a form to complete which captures two required data items: first name and zip code.