Wake Up Health Officials! Your Inaccurate Data Can’t Support Consumer Trust OR Public Policy.

All right, we've had it.
This has gone way too far.

It's time for all of us to DEMAND that health officials and scientists around the world act like grownups and figure out how to report ALL the data consistently, and how to present it to citizens with honesty, accuracy, and transparency.
Our testing system is apparently inaccurate, what with Ohio Governor DeWine testing positive, then negative twice, all within 3 days! Antibody testing is even less accurate, and the CDC even states that not enough is known about what the presence of antibodies even MEAN for future immunity.

Case reporting is all over the map, with individuals testing multiple times being reported as multiple cases, "presumptive positives" being reported as actual cases, people who never even GOT tested being reported as actual cases, and health departments reporting 3-4 weeks' worth of tests all on one DAY.
Then there's the mask waffling: DON'T WEAR MASKS, they said. WAIT, WEAR HOMEMADE MASKS (that never get washed), they said. Then the rest of the world started noticing that the data doesn't support this.

BUT A VACCINE WILL SAVE US, they said. Except it won't. Not the way they're doing it, skipping necessary safety protocols, dismissing evidence of harm (oh, it's just too high a dosage for the healthy test subjects, we'll just cut the dosage back, everyone will be fine, just fine), and ignoring the fact that they still don't completely understand the dang virus (but injecting part of it into the entire population is sure to go smoothly).
Hell, they didn't understand what's going on with the 20% of the population that had autoimmune disorders BEFORE they declared a pandemic. Yeah, they'll do great with an experimental vaccine.

Even the experts are forecasting 5-10% of the population will have grade 3 serious reactions. That's 3 million people in the US alone.

And now the Canadian government seems to be admitting here that they are just making their numbers up:
"As no deaths have been reported in Ontario in individuals aged 0–9 and 10–19, age-specific case detection could not be derived from the CFR. We assumed case detection in these age groups was equal to that of the closest age group with available data (20–29 years)."
Translation: no deaths were reported in anyone under 19, so we just substituted the data we have for a totally different age group.

It gets even better (or worse):
"Reported deaths were inflated to assess the impact of potential under-detection of COVID-19 deaths. An inflation factor of 50% was chosen since, on average, several European countries reported under-detections of 50% in an analysis conducted by the New York Times."

So ... health officials declared a pandemic, then didn't notice people who died from the pandemic virus? Hey, how about we just pretend it's the same rate as under-detection in Europe (on an entirely different continent), that was reported in an American newspaper?
And then they wonder why people stopped trusting them?

We deserve nothing less than honesty, accuracy, and transparency.
Not politics.
And not inflated data.

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