Is the HPV shot Causing Cervical Cancer?

Did you know that in Maryland, an absolutely insane amount of money was thrown around to market and policy-push HPV vaccines for preteens?

We assume that the same thing has happened in every state.

If anyone has any information on how much, and which institutions pocked it, please post it here, because we're wondering if those institutions might face legal consequences.

Here's why:

1) Merck's data indicates an INCREASED risk of cervical cancer in some women who had been infected with HPV before being vaccinated. Somehow, this is not discussed in Merck's literature, except it's listed in Merck's chart as -44.6% (that's a NEGATIVE 44.6%) "efficacy" for women who had not cleared a previous infection.

No screening has EVER been done for this issue before offering the vaccine, in any state.

2) 2.4% of the participants in pre-licensure studies suffered "severe systemic autoimmune reactions."

Check out this link, and you'll understand how very serious these issues are:…/opinion-troubling-new-da…/…

We assume the FDA did not recognize or understand this data.

If they did, we do not understand how they possibly could have licensed this vaccine.

Justice for Victims?  Perhaps there is Hope.

It looks like there will be a  class-action suit against Merck for fraud regarding their HPV vaccine, Gardasil.

Check out RFK Jr's instagram post, where he has slides showing the evidence:

Vaccine manufactures are shielded from liability -- but not if they have committed fraud.

Merck' s own clinical trials for Gardasil
apparently proves that Merck knew that women who receive the vaccination after being exposed to HPV had a 44.6% INCREASED chance of developing pre cancerous lesions. In other words,the vaccine raises cancer risks for these girls.


Studies show that sexual activity is not a prerequisite for HPV infection;as many as 30% of girls are exposed to HPV in the birth canal or through casual contact with infected individuals. Instead of warning these prior exposed high risk individuals, Merck encourages vaccination for ALL girls.

There is no screening before vaccination for this.

Cervical cancers in young girls have skyrocketed in nations and states with high Gardasil uptake.

Cervical cancer is historically rare in young people and the epidemic may be related to the vaccine.

Another known risk of Gardasil is autoimmune disease: one of every 40 girls (2.3%)in Merck ‘s clinical trials were diagnosed with autoimmunity.

Therefore, if you suffered any of these injuries from Gardasil, you should call the number below, as you may be entitled to compensation:

Inflammatory disorders,
Movement disorders,
Neurological disorders,
Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis,
Chronic pain syndrome(CRPS),
Chronic fatigue syndrome,
Chronic inflammatory,demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP),
Interconnective tissue disorder,
Gardasil arthritis,
Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS),Gardasil auto-immune disorders,
Heart problems, severe arrhythmia ,heart attacks,
Pulmonary embolism,
Guillain-Barre syndrome,
Multiple sclerosis,Paralysis
Miscarriage,epilepsy ,seizure disorder,
Reproductive disorders, premature ovarian failure,
Rheumatological disorders,
Birth defects,
Small fiber neuropathy,
Cervical intraepithelial,neoplasia – CIN 2/3
Coma,Stroke, Death."