PCIC Supports Efforts to Open PA in Order to Preserve Medical Freedom UPDATED 4/16/20

Upon careful consideration, the PCIC team has decided that supporting efforts to “reopen” PA is the best course of action toward preserving medical freedom in PA.  This decision takes into account the diverse concerns and experiences of our members, the known and unknown factors regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and Governor Wolf’s recent statements.

By encouraging the repeal of emergency interventions and removing restrictions on business and commerce NOW, we will be getting ahead of the permanent freedom-crushing measures for which Governor Wolf has implied his support.

In recent press conferences, the governor has stated that, before transitioning into what will become a “new normal,” “We need tests that can tell us when we are sick, and we need tests that can tell us when we are immune.” And that “we will need time to develop effective treatments for these infectious diseases – maybe even a cure. We will need time to develop vaccines.” He wants time, and we must not allow him to have it.  Our window to act is now.

If we can compel the General Assembly to exercise the authority given them to terminate the state of emergency, the authoritarian reign of Governor Wolf will end.  We want this to happen before Wolf has the opportunity to implement any mandatory medical protocols – be it tests, vaccines, or any other mandatory medical intervention.

We understand that some of our members feel it is unwise to push for the large-scale re-opening of PA businesses, and we do not want to minimize anyone’s concerns or experiences. We are not calling for anarchy, and two of the bills currently on the table do require businesses to take precautions that protect vulnerable populations and retain physical distancing.  The PCIC team must do our best to see the big picture, and we cannot ignore the threatening insinuations of the Governor that could seriously impact medical freedom and vaccine choice in PA.

Several Legislative Actions Are In The Works.  Read on for a summary of action steps.

  1. The State of Emergency can be terminated if Concurrent Resolutions pass both the House and Senate.  These resolutions have been introduced as SR323 and HR836.
  2. SB1103, named the “BACK to WORK INITIATIVE: Pennsylvania Healthy Citizens & Healthy Businesses,” would allow businesses to open while still following science-based physical distancing recommendations.  This bill is currently in the Senate Health and Human Services committee.
  3. SB613 Passed both the House and Senate on April 14-15, but Governor Wolf has promised to veto that bill which would have allowed PA to follow the Federal guidelines for business operations, rather than the Governor's over-reaching measures.

Summary of Actions Needed: 

  • TODAY - Call your PA Senator and ask that they support any legislation that will re-open PA businesses and terminate the state of emergency.  Ask them to VOTE YES to SR323 & SB1103.
  • Call your PA Representative and ask that they VOTE YES on HR836 and any other legislation that will re-open PA businesses and terminate the state of emergency.
  • Contact the Senate Health & Human Services Committee and ask that they pass SB1103. (Contact info below).

Find out who your legislators are here.

Twitter users can show support for these efforts by tweeting your thoughts, such as “Open PA”, “YES to SB613” or “YES to SB1103”, or “Pass SR323 & HR836. Terminate the Emergency Declaration.”  You can probably think of something clever. 😉  Key twitter users to follow and tag are @PASenateGOP, @PASenateDems,  @PAHouseGOP, @PAHouseDems.  Hashtags to use #PASenate #PAHouse

As officials tout the use of an "Abundance of Caution" as the basis for decisions made to mitigate the Coronavirus, we must ask them to apply this same principle to ALL POLICIES PERTAINING TO PUBLIC HEALTH - INCLUDING VACCINATION PROGRAMS.  Please email AND print this "Abundance Of Caution" info sheet and mail a copy to your legislators' district offices!

Find out who your legislators are here.

AOC Liability free

Senate Health & Human Services Committee

Senator Harrisburg telephone District Telephone
Senator Michele Brooks  (717) 787-1322 (724) 588-8911
Senator Judy Ward (717) 787-5490 (814) 695-8386
Senator Joseph Scarnati III 717-787-7084 814-265-2030
Senator Pat Browne (717) 787-1349 (610) 821-8468
Senator Scott Hutchinson (717) 787-9684 (814) 677-6345
Senator Scott Martin (717) 787-6535 (717) 397-1309
Senator Bob Mensch (717) 787-3110 (215) 541-2388
Senator Art Haywood (717) 787-1427 (215) 517-1434
Senator Katie Muth (717) 787-1398 (610) 792-2137
Senator Judith Schwank (717) 787-8925 (610) 929-2151
Senator Sharif Street (717) 787-6735 (215) 227-6161