Summer Update – Vaxxed Coming Back!

Hey there fellow advocates!
We hope that you are experiencing some of the wonders of summer here in PA!  Fresh fruits and veggies, fireworks, cookouts, meetings with legislators... That's right!  Summer is the PERFECT TIME to get to know your state legislators and start - or continue - educating them about the importance of vaccine choice!  These laid back summer days afford us more time and flexibility in meeting legislators in their district offices as they are not having to run to Harrisburg every few days.
So, if you have not yet made your move to meet your legislator, this is your time to shine!
Find your legislators contact info here.
You have a PA Representative and a PA Senator.  These will be the first two names that appear on the list generated by the search on the above "Find My Legislator" page. (If you need help with this part, send us a note!)
These folks work FOR YOU - and it is their job to REPRESENT YOUR CONCERNS regarding state issues, but they can only do this if they KNOW WHAT YOUR CONCERNS ARE!
Your legislators and their staff are most likely very friendly people who are interested in hearing from you!
Please call their office and ask when you can come in to talk about your medical freedom concerns!  We have made this easy reference sheet for you to present to them.  Simply download, print, and bring it along!  Legislators find this very helpful!
If meeting your legislator still seems scary to you, please try your best to at least take an advocacy baby step by either mailing your legislator the reference sheet along with a personal note, or stop by and drop it off with the front desk staff.
The PHARMA lobbyists are not taking the summer off from pushing their agenda!  Neither can we!  If you'd like to find a friend to join you in meeting your legislator, please send us an email and we will do our best to connect you with an advocate near you!
The Vaxxed team helped to grow and strengthen vaccine risk awareness with the 2016 release of the groundbreaking documentary of the William Thompson CDC Whistleblower case.  Now, the team is poised to, once again, boldly share the lesser known truths behind the vaccine program, in hopes to grow awareness about the need for true informed consent and product liability.

PCIC wants to support these efforts and is looking for a few dedicated volunteers to help organize film screenings in PA.  We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting this opportunity!  Please send us a message if you are ready and able to help!

In the meantime, you can support the Vaxxed team by purchasing their merchandise and getting the word out.  Details can be found here.
ote informed consent in PA!  nsent in PA!