Press Conference Prep

We are gearing up for the HB286 Press Conference in Harrisburg on April 30th!  If you plan to attend, but have some hesitation or questions about what to expect, please join our Capitol Events team for a live conference call Q&A on Wednesday, 4/24 at 7:00pm.
Dial in # 605-313-4165
Meeting ID# 545687
Continue to check the Action page on our website to see any updates regarding this event.  Also, an agenda is posted at the bottom of this email.To help cover the costs involved in this event, please give a gift of any amount to our Paypal pool or contact a leader for other options.Everyone can help make it a success by spreading the word about HB286 to your PA Legislators!  To identify your state senator and representative, click HERE and enter your address. It is important that legislators learn about any vaccine reactions, harassment, or vaccine failure stories. If you don’t have a personal story, please still let them know why vaccine choice is important to you.  As always, when communicating with your legislators, be polite and respectful. They are not the enemy – they are mostly just uninformed or misinformed.

  • Please invite your legislator to the Press Conference.  Let them know that speakers will be addressing concerns regarding vaccine safety and choice.  Click HERE to view the “Press Conference Invitation” page. Print the invitation and mail it to your representative.
  • Call the members of the House Health Committee and ask them to attend the press conference for HB 286 to protect Pennslvania Families and their right to receive medical care. Even if they have already been invited or are unable to attend the event, your invitation will bring awareness to the fact that this issue is important to PA families and that there are many concerned parties asking for their support of this important legislation.
Legislator Home District & Harrisburg Email
Kathy Rapp, Chair (814) 723-5203
(814) 827-6054
Contact form
Bernstine, Aaron (724) 752-2120
(717) 783-8322
Borowicz, Stephanie (570) 748-5480
(717) 772-9925
Cox, Jim
(610) 670-0139
(717) 772-2435
Gaydos, Valerie S. (412) 262-3780
(717) 787-6651
Hahn, Marcia M. (610) 746-2100
(717) 783-8573
Hershey, Johnathan D. (717) 436-6001
(717) 242-0423
Kaufer, Aaron D. (570) 283-1001
(717) 787-3798
Keefer, Dawn W.
(717) 432-0792
(717) 783-8783
Klunk, Kate A. (717) 630-8942
(717) 787-4790
Knowles, Jerry (570) 668-1240
(717) 787-9029
Owlett, Clint (570) 724-1390
(717) 772-5371
Roae, Brad (814) 336-1136
(717) 787-2353
Schemel, Paul (717) 749-7384
(717) 783-5218
Zimmerman, David H. (717) 556-0031
(717) 787-3531
Frankel, Dan
Democratic Chair
(412) 422-1774
(717) 705-1875
Daley, Mary Jo (610) 832-1679
(717) 787-9475
Dawkins, Jason (215) 744-7901
(717) 787-1354
DeLissio, Pamela A. (215) 482-8726
(717) 783-4945
Fiedler, Elizabeth (215) 271-9190
(717) 787-5774
Gainey, Ed (412) 665-5502
(717) 783-1017
Innamorato, Sara (412) 781-2750
(717) 783-9114
Kinsey, Stephen (215) 849-6592
(717) 787-3181
Schlossberg, Michael H. (610) 821-5577
(717) 705-1869
Ullman, Wendy (267) 768-3670
(717) 772-8060
  • Please contact your own state REPRESENTATIVE and politely ask them to co-sponsor HB 286.  Legislators respond to the concerns of their constituents.  Most are uninformed of the serious safety concerns regarding vaccines and unless you speak to them, they will only get their information from pharmaceutical lobbyists.  Here are two effective ways to inform your legislator:
    • Call the district office and tell the staff who you are and that you want Rep X to “co-sponsor HB286 because all children should be able to see a pediatrician if they need to.”
    • Schedule a meeting with your representative in their home office or write a personal letter explaining why you want them to support HB286.  Emails are the least effective as they can be easily ignored and deleted, so we do not recommend using that as the primary method of contact for legislative offices.
Here is the agenda for the day of the Press Conference:
9am- Arrive
9:15am- Meet and Greet at PCIC table
10am- Press Conference
11am -12pm- Organized group visits to legislators (each group will have a leader)
12pm- lunch - there are tables reserved for our group outside of the cafeteria
1pm-1:45pm - Organized group visits to legislators (each group will have a leader)
2pm - Optional: tour of Capitol building - if you are interested in this option, please comment below. We need to provide a head count for this tour.