Agenda for Meeting with PA Representative

Simple Agenda for Meeting with PA Representative (not Senator)

  1. Introduce yourself.  Smile.  Be likeable.  (Dress neatly)  There is no need to be defensive or assume that your legislator knows anything or has any opinion about vaccine choice as of yet.
  2. Explain your concern: “I am here today to ask your support for two House bills, HB48 and HB286.” (If you have a personal story of vaccine injury OR getting kicked out of a pediatric office, tell it here.)
  3. HB286 ,The Informed Consent Protection Act, sponsored by Representative Daryl Metcalfe is in the Health Committee. This bill was written because families who choose to delay or decline even one vaccination are being kicked out of pediatric offices and are unable to find pediatric medical care for their children.   It is unethical for Pediatricians to use coercive means to convince parents to accept any prophylactic medical intervention, including vaccines.  Children in the USA should never be denied access to medical care. This bill stop this.
  4. HB48, sponsored by Representative Diamond, is in the Education Committee. This bill was written to make sure schools are properly informing parents about the PA immunization exemptions already allowed by law. Many parents do not know the law and their rights.

    5.  Vaccine Schedule Comparison Chart

– Point out how that there are now 72 vaccines recommended for children before they turn 18 (MMR, DTaP =3 each); compare this to when you were a child and also when the legislator was a child. 

 -Point out that vaccines are liability-free for manufacturer and doctor since the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act and that since that time the schedule has tripled. 

You can find the comparison chart along with many other useful printable resources for your meeting at our website!