Dispelling Vaccination Myths

National Vaccine Information Center

VAERS: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Vaccine Decision

Vaccine Impact

Vaccination Liberation

Vaccine Liberation Army



World Mercury Project

The Weston A. Price Foundation

Age of Autism

Enriched Parenting

International Medical Coalition on Vaccination

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines

People for Informed Consent

Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children

Revolution for Choice

S.A.N.E. Vax, Inc.

The Truth About Vaccines

Uniting Healthcare Professionals Against Mandatory Vaccination

Vaccine Education Network: Anti-Vaxx Community

Vaccine Resistance Movement


Alabama Medical Freedom Alliance

Arizona Coalition for Vaccine Awareness

Learn the Risk (CA)

PIC: Physicians for Informed Consent (CA)

CCVC: Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice

Health Choice Connecticut

Sarasota for Vaccination Choice (FL)

Health Freedom Idaho

IVAC: Illinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition

Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

Michigan for Vaccine Choice

MPVR: Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights

Montanans for Vaccine Choice

PAVE: People Advocating Vaccine Education (NC)

Nebraskans for Vaccine Choice

New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice

Fearless Parent (NJ)

Coalition for Informed Choice (NY)

My Kids, My Choice (NY)

Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom

Oregonians for Medical Freedom

Oregonians for Vaccine Truth and Healthcare Choice

RIAVC: Road Island Alliance for Vaccine Choice

Informed Consent Action Network (TX)

PROVE: Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (TX)

VCVC: Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice

Vaccine Freedom for Washington State

Wisconsin for Vaccine Choice


Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc.

Vaccine Choice Canada

EFVV: European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

The Informed Parent (UK)