We Need Each Other, We Need You!

As a grassroots organization, we depend completely on our volunteer activists to drive the movement! Right now, we are looking for volunteers to join our focus teams – these are specific interest groups where you will use your strengths in a symbiotic relationship to accomplish tasks for which you have the greatest interest and skill. The purpose of this is to split the work load, utilize members’ strengths, plug people in where they can thrive, and cut down on the individual work as we share our skills and become resources for one another.

Teams now forming are:

  • Legislation Monitoring – follow the movement of relevant legislation – stay abreast of committee meetings, co-sponsors, etc.
  • Events Planning – This is broad and will draw from other teams as well, but these folks will post events on Facebook, make calls and contact venues regarding tabling, promote events via social media, ensure that we have members attending important events, and track disperse our printed materials as needed.
  • Graphics – We will need a simple website, flyers, and other promotional materials.
  • Legal – Lawyers and others in the field of law will stay abreast of law suits relevant to our mission, including the whistleblower cases and legal actions taken in other states who have passed or are attempting to pass similar laws.
  • File Managers – People to organize documents, back-up our docs, edit spreadsheets and enter data, etc.
  • Writers – create sample letters, write letters to the editor, press releases when needed.
  • Press – Collecting and utilizing press contacts.
  • Outreach – This team will need a lot of volunteers as we start getting out in the public to educate and inform others at Health fairs, Farmers’ Markets, and other events ALL OVER THE STATE (and this is a BIG state!).

To volunteer for one or more of these teams, please use our contact form and tell us you’re interests and we’ll find a place for you. We look forward to having you on the team!