In an effort to gather evidence of the current climate and experiences for those who are declining any or all vaccines for themselves or their children, PCIC is asking that you share your stories with us.
Specifically, we are asking for a concise letter relating any of the following experiences you may have had:

  • A pediatrician turning your child(ren) away due to vaccine status.
  • Any other instance of discrimination due to vaccine status – such as your child not being able to participate in an extra- curricular activity, or a “mommy and me” type class etc. without immunization records and no exemptions accepted.
  • Being forced to take vaccines at your place of employment in order to keep your job
  • Your child experiencing a serious adverse reaction to a vaccine
  • Your child experiencing a vaccine reaction and a doctor refusing to sign a medical exemption for him or her.

In order to gain an accurate, and solid representation of these types of experiences, we will need many such letters to compile and deliver to legislators.

The letters should be addressed “To whom it may concern”.  Be as detailed or as brief as you wish.  Every story helps illustrate the climate of coercion and discrimination relating to vaccines today.

We understand that some may be hesitant to use identifying information, however, it does make a much stronger case when legislators know that these letters come directly from Pennsylvania constituents.

Submit your story below: